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Dramatherapy Performance

And Schizophrenia

Dr. Lambros Yotis Ph.D.

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This book concerns psychotherapeutic aspects of a Dramatherapy Performance for people with schizophrenia as well as a new evaluation of this therapeutic method. It includes the full Ph.D. thesis of the author, approved by the University of Hertfordshire in 2002, parts of which have been published in Greek and International Journals thereafter. References are revised for this edition, to include updates of publications till 2016. 

    The aim of this publication is to offer a source of knowledge to all those interested in the fields of drama, psychotherapy and the social sciences, as well as in the areas that interconnect them. Furthermore, it can be a helpful tool for researchers, professionals and students specializing in the arts therapies.

    In a contemporary world where territories, identities and values are constantly challenged and redefined, classic texts can provide us with a heritage of wisdom and bring us together with new perspectives. Therefore, this approach, which is based on Aristotles’ “Poetics”, may inspire future pathways in Dramatherapy. I hope you enjoy reading. 

Dr Lambros Yotis, Ph.D.

Psychiatrist – Dramatherapist

Playback Theatre Leader & Trainer and Stage Director

Scientific Director of the Association of Dramatic Expression and Therapy “Palmos”

Klisthenous 3, 10552 Athens, Greece


    Lambros Yotis trained as a Psychiatrist (Athens University), Dramatherapist (PGDip, University of Hertfordshire, UK) and Theatre actor (Athens Drama School). He has been worked for more than 20 years in psychiatric institutions in Greece, mostly with individuals with various psychotic disorders (Athens University Day Hospital), in psychiatric rehabilitation and for the international program of the WHO against the stigma of mental illness (Athens University Mental Health Research Institute). He completed a PhD in “Dramatherapy Performance and Schizophrenia” at the University of Hertfordshire, UK (2002). He is founding member of the Association of Dramatic Expression and Therapy “Palmos” in Athens, Greece, under the umbrella of which he works as a Dramatherapist; group leader, tutor and supervisor. He also trained in playback theatre and is an accredited trainer (International school of playback theatre, NY - Jonathan Fox). In 2004 he founded the first professional playback theatre group in Greece, namely “Playback Ψ” and he is the artistic director until now. Besides, he works as a theatre director and teaches improvisation in schools of acting.